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Cat Hygiene Trim

Hygiene Trim

Gentle trimming of the hair around the rear & back legs to help keep your cat clean, fresh & comfortable.


Cat Lion Trim

Kitten Mini Groom & Hygiene Trim

Introducing regular grooming from an early age keeps your cats' coat in tip-top condition. This is offered for kittens aged from 12 weeks to 1 year when at least 3 sessions are booked up front.


Cat Groom Brush and De-shed

Maintenance Groom with Brush Out & De-shed

An essential maintenance groom to remove dead undercoat & tangles to help prevent matting. A thorough brush through & de-shed which thins out the coat & reduces shedding. Includes hygiene trim plus ear & eye clean.

From £50.00*

Cat Lion Trim

Dry or Rinseless Shampoo Freshen-Up

For small areas requiring a freshen up or "spot clean" such as the mane or bib which can become oily, or grubby from food stains. Or the hygiene area to remove odours. The treatment is gently massaged into your cat's fur & then brushed out to remove dirt & grime. Please note this is an Add-On treatment only & is not available as a stand alone service.

From £5.00* (add on service only)

Cat Full Pamper Groom

Full Pamper Groom
including Bath

A full Groom with bath, blow dry, brush & comb out & a de-shed. All products used will be specifically matched to your cat's coat & skin condition. Includes removal of any small knots/tangles. More severe or widespread matting will be charged as extra

From £70.00*

Cat Lion Trim

Lion Trim

Includes an optional rinseless or dry shampoo treatment. Modified versions offered, please ask for details.

From £75.00*

Cat Fur De-matting


Removal of matted areas only. This can vary widely depending on the extent of the matting and temperament of the cat. This can be done as an extra add-on to any groom.

Please contact to discuss

*Dependent on coat condition and size of the cat

Not sure if you require a full groom?

We can also provide other grooming services tailored to your individual requirements, so please feel free to call and chat to us about what you need.

We also offer discounts for multiple cats!

Cancellation Policy

Please provide at least 48 hours notice of cancellation of a Grooming appointment where possible. Any cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice will incur a £20 charge if we are unable to fill your appointment slot.

Absent cats – we appreciate that cats are independent and have minds of their own but please try to keep your cat(s) in before their grooming appointment. 

If your cat is missing when we arrive and we are unable to groom, we respectfully ask for our travel costs to be reimbursed unless we have other appointments in your area. 

Thank you for your understanding.