“Sharon was incredible with our boy Kit. He’s usually so shy and hides away from strangers but he was instantly drawn to Sharon and loved his groom and de-shred. Would highly recommend!”

"Sharon has been grooming my Persian boy Gizmo for quite some time now, he has a maintenance pamper every 6 weeks. He likes being brushed anyway as he is very lazy and hardly grooms himself. Well why would Gizmo cat? He has staff who are mainly myself, Sharon and our dog Bobby.  Sharon is a lovely lady and is so thorough and patient. Gizmo sometimes falls asleep during his groom. We always have a good chat during the groom and put the world to rights. Thank you so much for helping me maintaining Gizmo's lovely coat. You are a gem Sharon x"

“Sharon gave our cat a lovely groom today & got rid of all the dead fur. Thank you for your patience & calmness. Reliable friendly service”

"Sharon has so much patience and care when handling Marley. He's not the easiest cat to groom as he has little patience, especially when grooming his paws! As a rescue boy with a sad past she showed him the love & respect he deserved!"

“My cat isn’t great with strangers and hates being groomed but Sharon knew exactly how to handle him and was able to clip or brush out all of the many matts and tangles in his fur. Thank you Sharon, he doesn’t look like a stray anymore!”

"My two cats Luna and Loki had their first ever professional groom with Sharon and she was amazing! Loki especially was quite difficult but she was so careful and kind with him and it was very clear that the well-being of my cats came first which was lovely to see! I honestly couldn't recommend preen & purr enough! fantastic service and I will definitely be booking ALOT more appointments! Officially my go to cat groomer!"

“Sharon has yet again done. Wonderful with my very old arthritic cat Blossom and I even managed to get her sister petal done this time. Thank you Sharon for your patience and see you soon xxx”

"I can not thank Sharon enough for an excellent job on our very fluffy Persian. From the offset Sharon met and bonded with our puss, he sat calmly with her whilst he groomed him. Normally he will tolerate being brushed but nothing below the belt line. Consequently he had got quiet matted. But  Sharon had him at ease and in no time our dredlocked cat was transformed into a happy Matt free blue lion. I would highly recommend I can not thank enough."

“Sharon you're a star! We've had such trouble grooming my Persian Chinchilla due to his temperament when being brushed that we've had to take him to the vets for dematt under sedation. I asked Sharon if she could give it a go and I was so sure she would tell me after 5 minutes that he was too difficult and have to leave it. But no she persevered with Marley, through his numerous attempts to scratch, escape, bite and she remained very gentle and patient throughout. Marley even tolerated the clippers which he's never done before! Thank you Sharon for doing a brilliant job!”

"You were friendly, patient and caring and the result of your expertise Abbi has since groomed herself properly for the first time in ages. With no tangles and fur clumps to worry about she can smooth her fur like a queen. Also, this morning instead of being third in line towards the food bowl she regained her position as head of the troop and the others stood back to allow her through.

Thank you for giving my cat her dignity back!"

“My poor little cat had stopped letting us brush her and her fur got so matted. We couldn't get in to our usual groomers for over a month so decided to try Preen and Purr. I was a bit anxious that our cat would just run and hide being groomed at home but she didn't. Sharon was excellent and kept her calm and worked quickly. We are very pleased with the result and will be using Preen and Purr again. Highly recommend”

“Sharon was really gentle and kept my grumpy face kitty relaxed. All claws clipped (even the dewy ones the vet doesn't do). Didn't need to be wrapped up, just sat quietly in my daughters arms. One little wiggle and one half hearted hiss. Would certainly recommend Sharon. Last time Sox went to the vets for a claw clip he was so distressed he wet himself. One happy kitty relaxed in his own home. I'm so pleased I contacted her.”

“This woman was amazing! I think she is absolutely fabulous, as does my little sunshine, Minnie. She was patient and gentle, yet firm enough to make kitty feel safe and get the job done. She even kept me calm! I can not recommend Sharon enough, and we will be seeing her every spring from now on. She trimmed her nails, removed tight matting and defrizzed her. She was friendly, understanding and professional. I now have one very happy baby kitty. Thank you, Sharon x”

“Sharon did a fantastic job with my rather sensitive half Norweigan forest cat. He can be quite nervous of people touching his tummy and back end, and can be quite a nightmare to groom because of this. I find it impossible to groom certain parts of him! I was a little worried that she might just walk out after a few minutes, and tell me he was impossible to groom, but this wasn't the case at all! Sharon is a natural with cats, and brilliant at what she does. She took her time with him, talked to him, made the experience as good as possible for him, and did a wonderful job. He looks lovely, and is such a happy boy now that he's not carrying around so much dead undercoat, and is tangle free! I woild highly recommend her to anyone looking for the best for their cats”

“So impressed by the lovely Sharon. She managed to wrangle our friendly but oh so wriggly Siamese in such a gentle way and cut his claws, something we've been trying to do for months if not years!!! Highly recommended”

“It was a pleasure to have Sharon come to my home, she was so lovely and kind to my little Sedrick, i would highly recommend her to anyone, so gentle and patient.”

“Sharon was so good with my grumpy scruffbag, after chasing her around the house we managed to wrap her up and rid her of some huge and seemingly painful clumps. Sharon was so gentle and soothing, and helped de-stress me as well as my little lady! I would recommend her highly!”

“Sharon is a lovely lady who I would highly recommend. Our nervous cat had matted fur & Sharon spent 2 hours patiently removing them. He is now mat free and super soft. Thanks Sharon”

“Sharon is absolutely fab! My fur baby had never been groomed before and was really scared but Sharon took the time and done a brilliant job! Thank you!
Would recommend to anyone!”

“We were very impressed with Sharon, who was professional and experienced, our main coon Milo doesn't really like being groomed but Sharon handled his fidgeting and grumpiness with calm confidence. Thank you so much!”

“Sharon was wonderful with Coco our cat. Sharon is very gentle, clearly experienced and has a very calming presence. My cat loved Sharon and we will be seeing her again at our next appointment- thank you Sharon”

“Sharon was amazing with my very uncooperative cat who fought her every step of the way, highly recommend xx”

“Fantastic and calm job done with a very wriggly and vocal cat! I thoroughly recommend Sharon.”

“Thank you so much Sharon, Kato is half the man he was. He is so much happier and so soft too!”

“Sharon was great with Stanley, he instantly felt at ease with her and looks fantastic now! Thanks so much x”

“Very professional lady my cat is not a easy cat to deal with. High recommended”

“Just had Sharon visit to give my Kylo a hygiene trim. Lovely lady. Very patient with Kylo ( he was wriggling quite a bit ! ). Highly recommend.”

“Sharon came today to groom and bath Mimi. Thank you for doing a wonderful job.”

“Sharon was great with our 5 month old kitten, the sanitary clip was neat, fast and stressless!”

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